Life Members

We are lucky enough to have a number of individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for Port Hedland Netball Association over the years.

To be eligible to be made a Life Member, an individual must have contributed five or more years of outstanding service to the Association. Nominations are able to be made once per year at the Annual General Meeting, and must be received in writing and signed by two members of the Association.

Thank you to the following Life Members:

Faye Gladstone                             1975
Diane Trimboli
Bev Blake
Annemarie Mabbs
Ann Heath
Laraine Volceski (nee Thorby)
Denise Bell
Lisa Hicks (nee Maniopoto)            1999
Cheryl Lemon                                 1999
Rowie Burnham                              2004
Fran Haintz                                     2006
Briohny Evans (nee Edmonds)       2007
Gloria Jacob                                   2008
Lisa Lock (nee Baldock)                 2012
Karen Ballantyne                            2013
Sally Paice                                      2014
Tracey Swami (nee Pemberton)     2014 
Lyn Pohorama                                2017
Teneal Russell                                2017
Tash Wuruki (nee Arnold)               2018

We are trying to build a record of our history. We are sure there are more Life Members out there! If you know of a Life Member, or you are one yourself, please let us know at

We'd also love to know what year Life Memberships were awarded, and any other bits and peices.... photographs, who won premierships and so on.... we'd love to hear from you! 


Life Members

Life Members, Grand Final Night 2014

From left, Tracey Swami (nee Pemberton), Fran Haintz, Lisa Lock (nee Baldock), Gloria Jacob, Briohny Evans (nee Edmonds), Karen Ballantyne, Rowie Burnham (nee Kennedy).