2018 North West Championships

Broome | 14 - 16 June 2019

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected to represent Port Hedland at the North West Championships.

Important information about the North West Champs is contained in this letter - squad members, please click here!

Senior Squad - will be separate into Division 1 and Division 2 over next few weeks

Division 1 Coach: Jan Breddy
Division 2 Coach: Rowie Burnham

Najette Alaraibi
Jasmin Barunga
Kimberley Butler
Shelika Cameron
Cynthia Claude
Lilia Daniel
Hellena Djiagween
Casey Doughty
Katie Evans
Catelynn Gray
Nicole Henry
Hailee Heta
Nicole Justins
Kachina King
Kirsty Kubala
Levi Moses
Rebekah Mullen
Hannah Nordmann
Jessica Ransfield
Rebecca Somerfield
Holly Spurling
Mikaela Taylor
Renee Tucker
Tegan Walker
Lashonte Whitby
Catherine Widdup
Ash Wilkinson

16 & Under

Coach: Hailee Heta
Assistant Coach: Karleen Fortune

Taiha Brown
Taylah Edwards
Alfa Effendy
Taylor Fahey
Mayleen Fortune
Sharna Lee
Vila-Rose Maea
Tara Mellberg
Menushi Perera
Maddison Tavo
Stacey Watson

14 & Under

Coach: Teneal Russell 

Charli Ambler
Adrianna Armstrong
Talitha Borch
Kaycee Monaghan
Heaven Moses
Jamie Ocampo
Rhani Ramsey
Tayla Russell
Lidia Tietzel
Madison Watson

12 & Under

Coach: Michelle Cockie

Sienna Bennet
Ella Holmon
Shelby Hunter
Zoe Keyser
Charlie Schmich
Indyana Treloar
Taya Willock
Jayda Woodley
Kendall Wylie
Poppy Zadow

Call for Managers and Umpires

The Port Hedland Netball Association is seeking expressions of interest for Team Managers and Umpires. Role responsibilities can be found here. Email your completed EOI form to development@netballporthedland.com.