B Grade Results


Round Name: Round 1 Starting Date: 19/03/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Eagles 26 vs The Opposition 30
Dragons Golden 19 vs Perky Peaks 7
Dragons Blue 37 vs Crusaders 27
Ninjas 15 vs Spectres 34
Links 15 vs The Hustlers 28

Best Players - Jenni Boyle (The Opposition), Kerin Taylor (Eagles), Chantele Burgess (The Opoosition)
Best Players - Nikita Whitby (Dragons Golden), Renae Mercer (Perky Peaks), Brittany Tavo (Dragons Golden)
Best Players - Sarah Ramirez (Crusaders), Ayla Stewart (Crusaders) Bianca Hogan (Crusaders) 
Best Players - Emily Taylor (Spectres), Nicola Simpson (Spectres), Laura Nicholls (Ninjas)
Best Players - Kylie Happ (The Hustlers), Maria Hayward (Links), Simone Poelina (The Hustlers)


Round Name: Round 2 Starting Date: 26/03/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Ninjas 23 vs The Opposition 42
Links 12 vs Perky Peaks 10
Eagles 38 vs Crusaders 33
Spectres 33 vs The Hustlers 25
Dragons Golden 22 vs Dragons Blue 19

Best Players - Chelsie Miles (The Opposition), Tracey Morrison (Ninjas), Jenni Boyle (The Opposition)
Best Players - Kim Brack (Perky Peaks), Carly Thompson (Perky Peaks), Britt Giddy (Links)
Best Players - Roberta Ramirez-Smith (Eagles),Sarah Ramirez (Crusaders), Kerin Taylor (Eagles)
Best Players - Vicki Eastman (The Hustlers), Nicola Simpson (Spectres), Gemma Grantham (Spectres)
Best Players - Rowie Burnham (Dragons Golden), Mel Harton (Dragons Golden), Tracey Humbertson (Dragons Blue)


Round Name: Round 3 Starting Date: 2/04/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Links 21 vs Dragons Golden 26
Ninjas 33 vs Crusaders 30
The Hustlers 20 vs The Opposition 45
Spectres 27 vs Perky Peaks 9
Eagles 30 vs Dragons Blue 20

Best Players - Amy Terepo (Dragons Golden), Britt Giddy (Links), Tanisha Ifould (Dragons Golden)
Best Players - Sarah Karslake (Crusaders), Narelle Jamieson (Crusaders), Kelly Smith (Ninjas)
Best Players - Jenni Boyle (The Opposition), Claire Griffiths (The Opposition), Brandi Joseph (The Hustlers)
Best Players - Melinda McDonald (Spectres), Jade Wilson (Spectres), Renae Mercer (Perky Peaks)
Best Players - Kerin Taylor (Eagles), Chelsea Stanitzki (Dragons Blue), Lily Houghton (Eagles)


Round Name: Round 4 Starting Date: 9/04/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Spectres 30 vs Dragons Golden 19
The Hustlers 37 vs Crusaders 31
Links 29 vs Dragons Blue 22
Ninjas 17 vs Eagles 46
The Opposition 41 vs Perky Peaks 10

Best Players - Rowie Burham (Dragons Golden), Gemma Grantham (Spectres), Mel Harton (Dragons Golden)
Best Players - Narelle Jamieson (Crusaders), Tania Binning (The Hustlers), Ayla Stewart (Crusaders)
Best Players - Sally Cruickshank (Dragons Blue), Justine Murray (Dragons Blue), Sam Dunn (Links)
Best Players - Lilly Houghton (Eagles), Fiona Lockyer (Ninjas), Kathryn Schwalger (Eagles
Best Players - Kate McDonald (The Opposition), Jenni Boyle (The Opposition), Dana Kiriakidis (The Opposition)


Round Name: Round 5 Starting Date: 16/04/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
The Opposition 29 vs Dragons Golden 33
Perky Peaks 36 vs Crusaders 11
Spectres 27 vs Links 23
The Hustlers 36 vs Eagles 31
Ninjas 37 vs Dragons Blue 25

Best Players - Jeanette Clarke (The Opposition), Anna Wilkinson (Dragons Golden), Britney Tavo (Dragons Golden)
Best Players - Carly Thompson (Perky Peaks), Del Ryder (Perky Peaks), Sarah Karslake (Crusaders)
Best Players - Gemma Grantham (Spectres), Sam Dunn (Links), Tara Collard (Links)
Best Players - Lilly Houghton (Eagles), K.Happ (The Hustlers), S.Poelina (The Hustlers)
Best Players - FIona Lockyer (Ninjas), Genevieve Knowles (Dragons Blue), Tahlia Glasson (Ninjas)


Round Name: Round 6 Starting Date: 7/05/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Crusaders 20 vs Dragons Golden 23
The Opposition 51 vs Links 25
Spectres 32 vs Dragons Blue 21
Perky Peaks 17 vs Eagles 38
The Hustlers 39 vs Ninjas 28

Best Players - Dianne Deegan (Dragons Golden), Tanisha Ifould (Dragons Golden), Kayla Eckerman (Crusaders)
Best Players - Britt Giddy (Links), Dana Kiriakadis (The Opposition), Kate McDonald (The Opposition)
Best Players - Cassie Baldock (Spectres), Tracey Humbertson (Dragons Blue), Katrecia Davis (Spectres)
Best Players - Rebecca Black (Perky Peaks), Delphine Ryder (Perky Peaks), Tamara Olds (Perky Peaks)
Best Players - Fiona Lockyer (Ninjas), Sophie Edwards (The Hustlers), Tracey Morrison (Ninjas)


Round Name: Round 7 Starting Date: 14/05/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Crusaders 37 vs Links 28
The Hustlers 31 vs Dragons Blue 18
Perky Peaks 15 vs Ninjas 26
Spectres 20 vs The Opposition 34
Dragons Golden 49 vs Eagles 9

Best Players - Sarah Karslake, Britt Giddy, Narelle Jameson
Best Players - Brandi Joseph, Vicki Eastman, Justine Murray
Best Players - Carly Saville, Tracey Morrison, Rebecca Baldock
Best Players - Kate McDonald, Nicola Simpson, Chelsea Miles
Best Players - Lily Houghton, Tanisha Ifould, Chelsea Stanitzki


Round Name: Round 8 Starting Date: 21/05/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Dragons Golden 35 vs Ninjas 19
Eagles 35 vs Links 23
Crusaders 24 vs Spectres 47
The Opposition 39 vs Dragons Blue 18
Perky Peaks 28 vs The Hustlers 37

Best Players - Jaymi Ajis (Ninjas), Tanisha Ifould (Dragons Golden), Rebecca Dimmock (Ninjas)
Best Players - Sam Dunn (Links), Kabula Jacob (Eagles), Donna Johnson (Eagles)
Best Players - Chloe Buzzard (Spectres), Katricia Davis (Spectres), Nicola Simpson (Spectres)
Best Players - Kate McDonald (The Opposition), Dana Kiriakidis (The Opposition), Tanisha Ifould (Dragons Blue)
Best Players - Brandi Joseph (The Hustlers), Katie Richardson (Perky Peaks), Sophie Edwards (The Hustlers)


Round Name: Round 9 Starting Date: 28/05/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Links 39 vs Ninjas 32
Dragons Golden 28 vs The Hustlers 32
Perky Peaks 10 vs Dragons Blue 28
Eagles 18 vs Spectres 28
Crusaders 20 vs The Opposition 58

Best Players - Amber Marsh (Ninjas), Tara Collard (Links), Keryn Kalzee (Ninjas)
Best Players - Glenette Dowden (Dragons Golden), Brandi Joseph (The Hustlers), Chelsea Stanitzki (Dragons Golden)
Best Players - Christine O'Neill (Dragons Blue), Sandi Roukens (Dragons Blue), Keren Palmer (Perky Peaks)
Best Players - Lily Houghton (Eagles), Katrecia Davies (Spectres), Nicola Simpson (Spectres)
Best Players - Narelle Jamieson (Crusaders), Ayla Stewart (Crusaders), Kirsten Perrin (The Opposition)


Round Name: Round 11 Starting Date: 11/06/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Links 21 vs Perky Peaks 28
Spectres 33 vs The Hustlers 32
Dragons Golden 21 vs Dragons Blue 19
Eagles 38 vs Crusaders 31
Ninjas 30 vs The Opposition 59

Best Players - Saane Finau, Iyeesha Levi, Del Ryder
Best Players - Emily Taylor, Tarryn Pole, Vicky Eastman
Best Players - Christine O'Neill, Mel Collins, Karen Ballantyne
Best Players - Kerin Taylor, Ann Mitchell, Sarah Ramierez
Best Players - Jane Weller, Tahlia Glasson, Laura Nicholls


Round Name: Round 13 Starting Date: 2/07/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Spectres 36 vs Dragons Golden 8
The Hustlers 55 vs Crusaders 32
Links 28 vs Dragons Blue 29
Ninjas 24 vs Eagles 23
The Opposition 38 vs Perky Peaks 2

Best Players - Dianne Deegan, Nicola Simpson, Jade Wilson
Best Players - Simone Poelina, Kylie Happ, Nikita Brough
Best Players - Christine O'Neill, Jodie Borwick, Stacey Kenyon
Best Players - Laura Nicholls, Anne Mitchell, Tracey Morrison
Best Players - Kristen Perrin, Tammara Olds, Jenni Boyle


Round Name: Round 12 Starting Date: 22/07/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Spectres - vs Perky Peaks Fft
Ninjas Fft vs Crusaders -
The Hustlers - vs The Opposition Fft
Links 16 vs Dragons Golden 19
Eagles 35 vs Dragons Blue 36

Best Players - Zana Bodey, Rowie Burnham, Alicia Arnott
Best Players - Christine O'Neill, Stacey Kenyon, Cilla Bin Salleh


Round Name: Round 14 Starting Date: 23/07/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Perky Peaks 39 vs Crusaders 38
The Opposition 21 vs Dragons Golden 26
The Hustlers - vs Eagles Fft
Spectres Fft vs Links -
Ninjas 30 vs Dragons Blue 29

Best Players - Narelle Jamison, Del Ryder, Ayla Stewart
Best Players - Chelsea Stanitzki, Zana Bodey, Chelsea Miles
Best Players - Jaymi Ajis, Sally Cruickshank, Tracey Morrison


Round Name: Round 15 Starting Date: 30/07/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Perky Peaks - vs Eagles Fft
The Opposition 67 vs Links 18
Spectres 32 vs Dragons Blue 31
The Hustlers 57 vs Ninjas 16
Crusaders 31 vs Dragons Golden 31

Best Players - Jeanette Clarke, Alicia Arnott, Michelle Killalea
Best Players - Sandi Roukens, Nicky Justins, Christine O'Neill
Best Players - Kylie Happ, Simone Poeline, Fiona Lockyer
Best Players - Chelsea Stanitzki, Nakita, Narelle Ward


Round Name: Semi Finals Starting Date: 06/08/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Spectres 17 vs The Opposition 45
The Hustlers - vs Dragons Golden fft


Round Name: Preliminary Final Starting Date: 13/08/2013
Home Team vs Away Team
Spectres 37 vs The Hustlers 29